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Building Resilience: The Basis for Success

People are always searching for the magic quality that all successful people have in common. In reality, there is no ‘magic’ quality, but what they all have in common is resilience.

Some of the most successful people in life have failed the most, but they have embraced their failures, learned from their mistakes, become stronger and pushed through to reach new levels of success.

The great thing is, these skills to build resilience are within everyone and with insight and understanding, everyone can learn to use and develop these skills. This session will employ the neuroscience of how our brains work to demonstrate where resilience comes from and how it can be developed and maintained.

Session Structure

During this session, we explore the difference between being robust and being resilient. We demonstrate how to build a foundation of robustness and develop skills for becoming resilient. Participants will develop take-away plans during the session to apply to their personal and professional lives.

Workshop Objectives

This session will help delegates to:

  • Appreciate the difference between robustness and resilience
  • Put in place the foundations of robustness
  • Develop skills for becoming resilient


By the end of this session participants will know how to:

  • Define robustness and resilience
  • Become robust
  • Form plans to become resilient
  • Improve success outcomes using resilience
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Appreciate the difference between robustness and resilience

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Put in place the foundations of robustness

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Develop skills for becoming and staying resilient

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