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Me and My Chimp

Charitable Chimps in School

 At Chimp Management we are always looking for new ways we can help people to get the best out of themselves. The past couple of years has been incredibly challenging for everyone and the education sector in particular. Teachers, support staff and students faced significant daily challenges with uncertainty and constant change.

This has inevitably had a significant impact on many children’s wellbeing, and we have seen high rises in anxiety, stress and young people struggling to manage their emotions during such an unprecedented time.

In order to help, we created the “Me and My Chimp” workshop series, a collection of interactive workshops introducing primary students to The Chimp Model in a fun and lively way through ‘Charitable Chimp’.

Building Emotional Skills in Young People:

This series of four interactive workshops is aimed at primary aged children in Key stage 2 (Years 3 – 6). The aim of these sessions is to develop children’s understanding of how their mind functions and how they can manage both their mind and their emotions to be the best version of themselves.

Using the Chimp Model, students are introduced to simplified neuroscience using fun and engaging activities which challenge, stimulate and provide valuable learning opportunities. Each session covers different themes in which students explore their own unique brain and reflect on ways in which their brain can either help or hinder them.

Throughout the sessions students learn helpful strategies which they can implement both at school and at home to develop effective self-regulation. The workshops aim to provide schools and students with an ‘Emotional Toolbox’ which will take the form of a ‘Safe Jungle’ within the classroom and offer students an accessible resource they can refer back to.

The Study Group

Schools across the region:


Online Sessions:


Face-to-face classroom delivery


Children we reached:

Over the 3 month period, we worked with over 1600 children across 21 schools

We are always looking to help in any way we can.

This is why as well as the 4 main workshops we can also provide additional sessions tailored to suit a school’s individual needs by creating bespoke sessions using The Chimp Model or sessions which focus on a specific themes, such as ‘Relationships’, ‘Anxiety’ or ‘Communication’.

CPD Accredited Skills For Life

Workshop 1

The Brain

For students to understand that they have two thinking areas of their brain and be able to identify and name them.

For students to understand that they have a thinking brain that acts without their permission.

For students to profile their own unique Chimp

CPD Accredited Skills For Life

Workshop 2

Best Friend or Worst Enemy

For students to understand that their actions have consequences.

For students to identify the role of their Chimp brain.

For students to understand the importance of saying sorry and making amends.

CPD Accredited Skills For Life

Workshop 3

Managing your Chimp

For students to identify what their Chimp needs to feel nurtured.

For students to recognise when their Chimp is not in a good place.

For students to be able to distinguish between an emotion and thought.

CPD Accredited Skills For Life

Workshop 4

Creating a Class Jungle

To provide schools/students with a ‘Safe Jungle’ classroom resource.

For students to use the knowledge and skills they have developed to contribute to their ‘Class Jungle’.

For students to use the Jungle as a measure to identify where their Chimp is happiest.

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