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Jess has been a devoted supporter of Chickenshed Theatre Company for over three decades. From her early teenage years to the present day, her involvement with this charity has made a continuous impact on her life. Jess recently delivered a keynote presentation to BA students and administrative staff to introduce attendees to The Chimp Model and how they can use this in their personal and professional lives as going support of the theatre company.

At 13, Jess discovered Chickenshed Theatre Company and spent many years volunteering and working with them; this further solidified her admiration for their work. The charity believes in the inherent value of every individual, the power of collaboration, and the pursuit of a better world which resonated with Jess as their values aligned seamlessly with hers.

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“During my time there I started as a volunteer and was a member during the period when the Founders decided to make the theatre an inclusive one and we began the task of raising money to build our own theatre (which has now been up and running for about 25yrs).  Chickenshed works internationally now as well, driving innovation in integrated theatre.  Personally, I enjoyed working on stage (Titania, Alice’s Gryphons, a gypsy, a rock n roll chick (was on Blue Peter with this one) and mainly involving myself in the lives of the wonderful people there, making a difference to each other and supporting each other to be the people we wanted to be – a bit like Chimp!  When I went off to university, I came back to teach on the educational team and to work backstage for shows.”

Jess - Chicken Shed Theatre

Jess Wall & Princess Dianna

With her deep understanding of the human mind and a passion for personal growth, Jess shared invaluable insights on how The Chimp Model can provide practical skills to improve psychological well-being. Drawing from her own experiences, she engaged the audience with practical strategies for how to understand and manage their minds, and, by understanding this dynamic, individuals gained valuable tools to manage their thoughts, emotions, and behaviours more effectively.

Through her keynote presentation on The Chimp Model, Jess hoped to make a lasting impact on those present, encouraging them to further embrace personal growth and cultivate psychological well-being in themselves and those around them.  Jess believes that by supporting the organisation and empowering individuals there, this will add to Chickenshed’s mission of creating a kinder, more resilient world.

Jess’s journey with Chickenshed Theatre Company reminds us of the impact charities can have on an individual’s life. There are several ways that you can support this charity and get involved. Supporting Chickenshed can be as simple as attending their shows, spreading awareness about their cause, or fundraising on their behalf. Each act of support plays a crucial role in advancing the organisation’s mission of empowering individuals and continuing their mission.

In an exciting development, Chickenshed recently made waves on the popular television show; Britain’s Got Talent. Their awe-inspiring performance garnered a golden buzzer from judge Alesha Dixon, propelling them to the semi-finals.

About Chicken Shed

Chickenshed is a theatre company for absolutely everyone. 

For fifty years, we’ve created bold and beautiful work from our limitless belief in each other. Through our productions, our performance training, our education courses, and our outreach projects, our mission is to create wonder out of chaos and change out of challenge.  

We succeed together or not at all. This is our vision of how the world should be – a society where everyone can flourish. We’re here to shake things up by sharing our experience with each other, with those who hold power and with those who feel they have none. We do this on stage, off stage and wherever people come together. 

Chickenshed, theatre changing lives. 

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