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After being a supporter of the Rotherham Hospice for the past seven years, our Client Services Co-Ordinator Paula Leslie recently visited the Hospice to donate £250 to help towards their needs.

Paula began to support the charity after her mother-in-law spent her final weeks in the hospice. She was impressed by the care and attentiveness of the staff. “All the staff are committed to giving end-of-life care to their clients and treating everyone with dignity and compassion. Not just the patients; but the families too. So we decided as a family that we would do as much as we can to support them going forward.”

Rotherham Hospice Charity Donation

Who are Rotherham Hospice

The purpose of Rotherham Hospice is to enhance the quality of life of patients and those important to them through specialist palliative care services and education. The Hospice is committed to achieving this by providing services for patients during the changing phases of their illness.

How will the donation be used?

The hospice needs to raise £3,000,000 a year to be able to function and use a range of streams to maintain the facility. These funds go towards supporting terminal patients over the age of 18 in their end-of-life care. Through the support of staff and volunteers, they work to provide palliative care through psychological, physical, social and spiritual support to help patients and their families achieve the very best quality of life, both at home and in the Hospice.

How can you get involved? 

If you want to find out about how you can get involved with the Rotherham Hospice visit their website: https://www.rotherhamhospice.org.uk


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