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Members of our team, Philippa and Josh, presented Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust with a charitable donation of £250 and spent the day volunteering in Greno Woods. 

They joined other volunteers to help improve the local area by trimming and removing some of the overgrown areas in the woodlands, which will promote the habitats for local wildlife and ensure a safe route for walkers, cyclists, and emergency services. 

“Looking after the local area and its wildlife is incredibly important to me. Creating a safer and greener planet starts with improving your local area. We all need to look after our green spaces, protect them and help them thrive. I am lucky enough to have Greno woods on my doorstep and something I am incredibly fortunate to have.” – Philippa

Hob Moor Charity cheque

Who are Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust?

The Trust manages 15 nature reserves across Sheffield and Rotherham, improving wildlife habitats and giving people better access to nature. They actively campaign for wildlife issues to help animals from badgers to birds of prey. Providing resources, community outreach, and overall, a helping hand to wildlife and nature, the Trust has a range of opportunities for anyone wanting to get involved with supporting their local nature reserve. 

How will the donation be used?

This donation will be used to help the management of the local area, ensuring that the volunteers and team at the Trust can continue their hard work and provide an even better space for local wildlife and bring people closer to nature.

How can you get involved? 

Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust is part of a larger network of trusts that cover the UK, Alderney and the Isle of Man, looking after 2,300 nature reserves. You can get involved by becoming a member of your local trust or volunteering at a nature reserve. You can also help your local wildlife by building a pond, planting pollinator flowers or feeding the birds.  


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