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Earlier this year Professor Steve Peters hosted our Exploring Autism Charity Conference, which aimed to raise money and help parents & careers of people with Autism. This conference raised over £3000 through ticket sales, which was donated to Sparkle Sheffield, a local charity dedicated to supporting children with Autism, and their families. Through this donation, Sparkle Sheffield has been able to create an enriching residential program that not only helps children build new skills but also provides a nurturing space for families to connect and thrive. With the recent accolade of the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, Sparkle Sheffield’s dedicated to making a difference for those with Autism and their families.

“Our main goal is to sparkle, learn and go wild. The learning part is so important because we don’t just want the children to fit into society but we also want society to fit into them and what they do. In order to get these environments right we need to work towards changing perspectives.

It takes little organisations like us doing little baby steps that eventually become big steps and that’s what’s so important.” 

Liesje Dusauzay | Founder and CEO of Sparkle Sheffield

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The funds raised helped Sparkle Sheffield organise a memorable residential program for families with Autistic children. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, the children engaged in exciting activities like pond dipping, den building, T-shirt making, horse brushing, pizza making, and stone decorating. The residential offered a safe and supportive environment, allowing the children to connect and build lasting friendships.

The residential was even attended by the Lord Lieutenant of South Yorkshire, Dame Hilary Chapman. Her attendance further showcases the importance of the initiative and emphasises the positive impact of the collective efforts of all the volunteers at Sparkle Sheffield.

As we celebrate Sparkle Sheffield’s remarkable achievements, including the recent accolade of the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, we are reminded of the incredible impact that dedicated individuals and organisations can have on their communities.

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About Sparkle Sheffield

Sparkle Sheffield is a local registered charity that supports children and young people from birth to 25 with Autism Spectrum Conditions and other social communication difficulties. Founded and run by parents and guardians who have autistic children, we understand what life is like and how we can work together to improve our children’s and our family’s life.

Sparkle Sheffield exists to support families with autistic children meet the challenges they face, feel less isolated, less frightened and more empowered. Autism affects individuals and their families in a wide variety of ways and the approach we use recognises these individualities.

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