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The mind can be seen as a complex and highly structured machine. The rules by which it functions both physically and psychologically are well researched. By gaining insights into the structure and functioning of the mind, individuals can develop a skill- base for managing the mind to optimise performance. These skills can be applied to both the professional and personal lives of individuals.

Common areas for exploring, and then achieving practical outcomes, include;

  • decision-making
  • managing errors or setbacks
  • managing emotions
  • achieving emotional stability
  • effective communication
  • optimising team working and getting the best out of others, as well as yourself.

You can find out more about the services we offer to businesses below, or alternatively you can contact us to discuss your specific needs.


Webinars are a chance to take part in a group led discussion, facilitated by one of our trained mentors. These workshops allow you to exchange ideas and experiences with one of our team on hand to offer guidance and insight. 

We offer a series of webinars to fit your specific needs. Some of our popular webinar topics include:

Executive Coaching

Evidence shows that people perform better at work when they are in a good place.  We work with you to help you understand your own mind and why you are experiencing challenges.  We help you develop your own practical skill set.

Here are a few of the things we help with:

  • managing stress and anxiety
  • making decisions under pressure
  • managing their work-life balance
  • dealing with changes
  • leading or managing a team effectively
  • having tough conversations

We work with you to agree what your success looks like; track progress as we go and be your sounding board. Evidence shows that regular support and having someone to ‘report’ back to increases the chances of success.

Bespoke Programmes

We excel in tailoring our programmes to suit you as an individual, team or organization. Our service is unique. We pride ourselves in getting to know you and your team before we offer a solution. We work with you to achieve your outcome objectives.

We can assign a mentor to work alongside your team in the workplace, on a short or long- term basis; or just be on-site to deliver day-to-day support, workshops and 1:1 mentoring.

We use The Chimp Model as a framework to help people understand their own mind and the mind of others by giving them a common language. This way it’s easier to talk about problems and difficult situations.

It’s important that your mentor is the right fit for you and we work with you to ensure this is a good match.

What Others Say…


Thank you for being so brilliant on our overseas retreat. Your input was inspirational and a real highlight of our business trip. You left us feeling inspired and we have constantly been talking about Chimps ever since!

You did a brilliant job and hold the accolade for being so well liked and appreciated; we are a tough crowd!

Kevin McSpadden, Forum Moderator

YPO Greater London


I would Recommend Adam as a present/ facilitator and indeed will be sharing why feedback with others in our business should they be looking to run similar sessions in the future.

– Claire Sharp, Customer Director

NWG Water

“A huge thanks from us here at LEGO for the fantastic two days. I would like you to know how much all of us appreciated the contribution from your Sarah and Kate. They were highly professional, had tailored their presentation and activities to perfection in terms of relevance, and fit to where the team is both emotionally and mentally. They managed to convey complex topics very simply and in an engaging way, used many examples and fun activities that both helped drive home important points as well as make them memorable”

– Cecilia Weckström, Senior Director

LEGO.com & Consumer Experiences

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