An opportunity to learn how to optimise the performance of yourself, team or organisation through the powerful mind management model that has helped support the success of Olympic teams, Pro Cycling Teams, Premiership and International Football Teams, and more.


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In consultation we provide bespoke programmes for individuals, teams and organisations in sport. Our mentors have a wealth of experience in a wide variety of sports, and are passionate about helping people of all ages and abilities.

Individual level

We work with the athlete and coach to define what they recognise as unhelpful and helpful thoughts and emotions in the following areas:

  • Training
  • Competition
  • Communication
  • Ownership and responsibility for progress
  • Managing setbacks for example injury, poor performance
  • Confidence and anxiety

We work with individuals to develop skills that help them understand the structure and function of their mind, and how to apply them to the areas above.

We also help coaches to understand themselves and the minds of the athletes they work with. A comprehensive coaching syllabus can be completed.

Team level

We are experienced at assisting teams to work together effectively. We all know what makes an effective team but it is often the Chimp that sabotages this, so we help teams understand and manage this aspect. Areas we cover include:

  • Focusing on aspects that make the biggest difference to performance
  • Communication in teams
  • Roles and boundaries
  • Planning for major events as a team

Organisational level

The environment an organisation creates has a big impact on how athletes and staff perform. We look at philosophies and procedures, ensuring they are human valued and chimp friendly to increase the probabilities of success.

Understanding your needs

We will discuss with you what your outcome objectives are and how we can support you to achieve them. We will look at the best method of delivery (for example on site work, travel to training and competitions, group workshops, remote Skype or phone calls) and the amount of time we believe will be needed to meet the objectives.

Sport Directorate Development and Supervision

Mentors working in the sport directorate are trained to the highest standards, with regular teaching, testing and supervision from Professor Peters and the Director of sport. All mentors undergo continuing professional development.

Measuring success

We agree indicators of success at the start, in conjunction with you, and then regularly review and monitor them to check progress. The Director of Sport will contact you at least monthly to check progress against objectives and ensure the highest standards of delivery are maintained. A more in depth review will take place on an annual basis.

If you want to learn more about the impact of the work we do please see the testimonials section of the website. A sample can be found below:

Current and past work includes:

Team Sky, GB Canoeing, GB Taekwondo, Liverpool Football Club, British Triathlon, GB Wheelchair Rugby, GB Equestrian, GB Bobsleigh, Archery GB, Worcester Warriors Rugby Club, British Swimming, Gran Turismo Academy, as well as individuals that compete internationally in Golf, Tennis, Motorsport, Shooting, Athletics and windsurfing.