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Kimberley Blakey

Educational Resource Officer 
Kimberley Blakey - Skills Mentor

Kimberley’s background is in the education sector and has experience working in Primary, Secondary and Special education.

Previously she was a secondary school teacher and taught Art and Design Technology before moving into special education. She is also a qualified Play Therapist and has worked across a number of primary schools delivering play therapy sessions to primary aged children.

She joined Chimp Management in 2016 and has been involved in working closely with Professor Peters on developing educational resources aimed at introducing the Chimp Model in schools and supporting school staff, parents and carers. In 2021 Kimberley was involved in the development and delivery of the ‘Me and My Chimp’ school workshops which were delivered across 23 primary schools. The aim of these workshops was to introduce students to the Chimp Model whilst also helping to support their emotional health and well-being during and after lockdown.

In 2019 she was part of a team delivering a feasibility study that took place over three regions involving teachers who took part in the Skills for Life programme. Early in 2020, she was part of a grant-funded research study with Rotherham, Doncaster and South Humber NHS foundation trust (RDaSH). As part of this targeted intervention, Kimberley developed resources and used the Chimp Model with groups of secondary school students at risk of fixed-term exclusion.

Kimberley has a special interest in My Hidden Chimp and has worked with our media team to bring this to life even more through the development of an interactive version of the book.

Nominated Charity

theodora logo

Kimberley supports Theodora Children’s Charity, a charity that works to bring magical moments to sick and disabled children.

I’m passionate about children learning through play and I love that this charity uses play and laughter to bring happiness and laughter to children experiencing difficult and often traumatic times.