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Dr Trevor Gedeon

Psychological Skills Mentor
Trevor Gedeon Psychological Skills Mentor

Dr Trevor Gedeon is a forensic psychiatrist. He graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2009 and since this time has worked in a variety of fields within medicine. He has been a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists since 2013. His work in psychiatry has involved working with persons of all ages and backgrounds, in a variety of settings. He has experience in managing substance use, depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, psychosis, and personality disorders.

Dr Gedeon has worked in the community, in psychiatric hospitals, in secure hospitals and in prisons. He works with a variety of patients who often have complex backgrounds and a mixture of complex problems. Dr Gedeon has also acted as an expert witness for the prosecution and defence in Crown Court cases.

Within his work in the NHS, Dr Gedeon enjoys teaching and supervising students and junior doctors. He is involved in research and is currently undertaking a masters in Mental Health Law.

Dr Gedeon is passionate about working with people to help them reach their goals so that they can function at their best. He particularly likes using his clinical experience when working with people who have complex needs. In his spare time, Dr Gedeon enjoys spending time with his family, eating out and watching films.

What Others Say About Dr Trevor Gedeon

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Within our small community the message contained within “The Chimp Paradox” has created harmony and has become so infectious that relatives and friends of our clients are reading the book as they seek to transform their own ways



Graham Fell

Director of Therapeutic Operations, Spacious Places


Trevor came to Trafford BMA on 22 November 2016, where we had a group of 84 doctors across all specialisms and all stages of their career, but with the majority being hospital consultants in a variety of specialisms. The number of attendees was a record for a Trafford BMA event, and I’m sure this had a lot to do with the interest which Trevor’s planned talk had generated in advance. The publicity for the event was itself aided by Trevor, who kindly prepared a short outline of his talk, and I was able to utilise this information in a mailshot.



Trafford BMA

Mind Sheffield

Thank you for taking part in the event last week… The feedback from delegates has been very positive and I overheard much talk
of chimps over the lunch buffet — I think everyone was blaming their ‘chimps’ for over indulging in the Bakewell slices, although that may have just been me! Thanks especially for sticking around to take part in the Question Time session, it was a very informative and a positive end to the day.


Mind Sheffield

Video: Introducing Trevor Gedeon

Video:  Trevor Gedeon Presenting