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Thank you to all who attended our 5th annual conference for Personal and Professional development!

We want to take a moment to express our gratitude to all the incredible attendees who made the 5th Annual Conference such a success!

Your presence and active participation brought an extra spark of joy and enthusiasm to the event. We can’t thank you enough for making it such a memorable occasion.

We had two days filled with knowledge, collaboration, and personal growth, and fascinating opportunities to learn, share experiences, and create meaningful connections. Your unique perspectives and contributions made the atmosphere vibrant and inspiring. All of our mentors were grateful to be able to share their insights, wisdom and collective knowledge and that The Chimp Model allowed you to gain valuable insights and practical skills to apply in your personal and professional journey. We hope their words continue to resonate with you long after the conference.

As always, the team loves this opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals. Thank you to each attendee for your engagement, enthusiasm, and warm presence at the 5th Annual Conference. Your energy and commitment to personal growth made the event truly special and feel privileged to have had the chance to host such an incredible group of individuals. Here’s to your continued success, and we hope to see you again in future events!

Your thoughts

“Each mentor had their own style of presenting to the audience. It was very engaging and great to hear so many different perspectives on one thing which may be interpreted in another way.

The discussion topics were interactive and eased the groups into sharing experiences ranging from personal to professional. It was a great learning experience all around as it challenged my own belief system.”

“Prof Steve was brilliant-he is so engaging and I could listen to him forever. 

The diversity of thought in the rooms was great given the vast array of backgrounds of the attendees making conversation so rewarding. 

The Team and leadership day with Dean, Adam and Ben was great – engaging, fun, and interactive. Really enjoyed that day. 

The staff were all super friendly and helpful.”

“A big thank you for the smooth organisation of the day! The volume of information and key take aways is vast, and not only can I apply this to my personal life, it can be applied to my professional career pathway.

The mentors and support staff were all excellent, approachable, honest and open. Thank you for your time! 

I will be back again!”


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